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    Microphone Cable Reels

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    • SAVE MONEY:   Stop breaking and replacing microphone cables. Store and protect them from damage. 

    • SAVE TIME:   Reduce setup and strike times.  Find, unwind and wind faster.

    • GET ORGANIZED:    If you value your gear and enjoy being organized, you're in the right place. 


    • WHO CAN BENEFIT?    Studios, theaters, pro audio providers, performing musicians, schools, churches...

    watch this!

    Avoid cable spaghetti and get organized.

    Accepts mic cable up to 25 feet or more in length. 

    Check your cable inventory with a glance.

    Fast and easy to use and eliminates cable twist.

    Protects cable ends from transportation abuse.

    Patented design. Made in USA. 


    Direct Contact


    Hello, I'm George and you can contact me directly at the following:

    Phone:315-558-2890   /   Email:george@reel-axe.com