What Are They and Why?

How To Tame A Microphone Cable

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XLR Microphone cables are essential components of most live performances and managing those cables is a necessary evil. The Reel-Axe System offers the best solution for individuals and organizations that use six to twenty mic cables that are 30 feet or less in length.

For big audio production companies that carry very large numbers of cables and very long cables, storage devices exist. But these are not ideal for many users. The largest selling microphone cable lengths are in the 12 to 30 foot range and most bands, schools, churches and other audio system users have fewer than 20 cables to manage. For these people, the Reel-Axe System is the ideal choice.

Reel-Axe reels and carry bags are professional grade and are designed and built to last - they are an investment in your equipment. There are other flimsy cable reels available, but nothing else comes close to the durability and functionality of the patented Reel-Axe System.

To enjoy the full benefits of the Reel-Axe System, users should store their reels in an appropriate case or bag. We offer the Reel-Axe Carry Bag, or you can utilize a road case that is sized for the number of reels you are using. The system is designed for use with an appropriate case and including one in your system will provide the optimum level of organization. 

Reel-Axe reels can accommodate most cables between 3 and 30 feet in length that have at least one XLR connector. The XLR connector on the trailing end snaps easily and firmly into place. The leading end connector (the end you begin with when winding a cable) can be either an XLR or a ¼ inch type as it is dropped into a pocket in the center of the reel that can accommodate either. 

Once your case is filled with loaded reels, you will quickly recognize the advantages. One glance and you will know that you have all your cables and that they are well protected and properly wrapped. Just grab the case and go - you can be confident that it’s all good when you get to the set and again when you return home.