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"Don't hand me a ball of yarn or in 2 minutes you'll have a knot the size of a small dog - but with these things, even I can be organized."

Skip Murphy, Band Leader and Shepherd - Skip Murphy's Merry Pranksters

"I have finally found an answer to all those twisted and broken cables. These reels save time with set ups because the cables never tangle. Simple and effective. 5 stars."

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"We love and use your products (including the tote...) on nearly every project. It makes finding and handling the right cables quicker.”

Kelli-Heath Cruz, Lead Engineer and Instructor, Mana Maoli


" Sometimes, packing cables is a b@*#h. The Reel-Axe cable storage system - the best way possible - way more practical."

Pierre Morcette - guitarist - Widespread Disease.